Images from Boswell versus Wichita Falls Rider football game

Shooting at Memorial Stadium in Wichita Falls always bring back fond memories. I don’t go up to the press box anymore but during the dial-up days, I remember staying late trying to send a few images on the one phone line that worked. Before digital, I remember coming up here for a few Southlake Carroll playoff games and driving back to develop the film. Needless to say I don’t miss shooting film.

Here are a few images from the Boswell versus Rider game, a tough loss for the Pioneers for sure, but I see them making a quick recovery and ready for Corsicana this Friday. That offense  is pretty explosive once they start rolling. CLICK HERE to see the full gallery.

Boswell’s senior receiver Diontae Freeman makes a 25-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter during their 31-17 loss to Wichita Falls Rider at Memorial Stadium in Wichita Falls on Friday, September 1, 2018. (Photo by Khampha Bouaphanh)




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